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Reviewed in Ethnic and Racial Studies (2016) “Mustafa’s work must be commended for several reasons. Firstly, for its originality (both in intention and delivery) in seeking to capture the relationship and interplay between religious identity and political participation…Secondly, for the comprehensiveness of her empirical data in generating a typology that could be useful as a starting point in further studies, especially to capture mutability of identity over time. And thirdly, for its methodological novelty in using auto-photography, word sorts and vignettes as tools during the interview process.”

Reviewed in Journal of Contemporary Religion (2016) “Throughout these chapters, the extracts taken from the interviews are fascinating and frequently revealing, showing the various ways in which young British Muslims incorporate notions of ‘Britishness’ and ‘British values’ into their conceptions of religious identity…The overall conclusion – that notions of religious identity are flexible and adaptive, but that the direction of change is shaped by the way in which identity issues are linked to wider social forces – should be at the forefront of future efforts to understand developments in this area



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